Exhibits and Programs


At the Alaska Ocean Center, we will cultivate a network for science, art, and environmental stewardship that extends beyond Juneau, Alaska.

Interactive exhibits and programs will inform and inspire visitors toward actions that support ocean health and develop an appreciation for the value of ocean science. We are working to create a dynamic, meaningful experience through state-of-the-art exhibits that will foster these goals.

Our programs will include the following:

  • Workshops and Seminars
    These could range from multi-day experiences designed to appeal to the independent traveler to classroom programs, from seminars on ocean-related natural history topics to explorations of how to better communicate about ocean sciences and photography workshops
  • Guest Speakers
    The AOC will be a public venue for experts in ocean related arts and sciences
  • Citizen Science and Education
    Cooperative programs with research and education organizations and non-profits will bring the public and science together.
  • Community Space
    The Alaska Ocean Center will provide an excellent space for hosting public gatherings and community events, everything from Legislative receptions to First Fridays, where science meets art!

Messages of our exhibits may include:

  • Healthy ocean ecosystems support healthy whale populations
  • Traditional and local ecological knowledge is an important component of the way we relate to and understand the ocean
  • Healthy seas are essential to healthy people
  • Changes are happening in the ocean which affect us all
  • Oceans matter even to people who don't live on the ocean
  • Everyone can participate in actions that sustain healthy oceans
  • Science is cool and accessible. It is done for and by people